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Exploring Painting; Sculptures and Poetry

Esfandiar Ahmadi, a poet and painter hailing from the beautiful city of Shiraz in Iran. I draw my inspiration from the renowned Persian poets Saadi and Hafez, and love to experiment with various forms of poetry. My artwork is a direct reflection of my poetic musings, and together they delve deep into the intricate workings of the human mind. I’ve had the pleasure of showcasing my creations at exhibitions and sharing my poems with literary circles, and have even been lucky enough to snag a few awards along the way.

Esfandiar's Artworks

Awards & Exhibitions


1-1997: Award and sponsorship from Leighton House Museum, London.

2- 2019: Honourable Member of the Royal Society of Photography.

3- 2020: Top shortlisted prize and sponsorship from Hampstead School of Art, London.


4- 2023 – Awarded – Member of juries of WELCCL competition _Miska Starowicz.



1. 1993: Solo exhibition of Persian mysticism at Lauderdale House, London.

2. 1994: Solo exhibition of poetical abstraction and symbolic calligraphy in London.

 3. 1997: “Seeing What the Eye Cannot See” at Leighton House Museum.

For further details on additional exhibitions and works, please visit the following link: Exhibitions.


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